Welcome to Craftilda – my creative corner on the internet!

My name is Mathilda, and I am the proud owner of Craftilda since 2022. Throughout the years, I have always had a passionate interest in artistry and creation. My creative journey has led me through various forms of handicraft, from polymer clay, beads, and origami to crocheting, where I truly found my passion.

As early as middle school, I started exploring the exciting world of crocheting. I remember eagerly trying to create different objects, but unfortunately, I rarely succeeded in finishing them. However, something magical happened in 2021 – I discovered amigurumi.

Amigurumi opened up an entirely new world for me. These amazing and somewhat addictive patterns got me hooked instantly. The crocheted figures became my greatest source of inspiration. Today I crochet different things; jewelry, accessories, home decor, play food and – of course amigurumi.

I love experimenting with colors and shapes to create unique and personalized creations. My goal is to bring a little more creativity and handmade items to the world as a contrast to the mass-produced fashion of big corporations.

Thank you for visiting Craftilda, where we let creativity flow and threads dance!

Play food

I love to bake! But the downside to baking too much is eating too much. So I crochet food and pastries instead. They are 100% calorie free.


Amigurumi means crocheted or knitted stuffed toy in Japanese.


Crocheted jewelry with a sterling silver ear hook. They are crocheted with cotton yarn and a 1 mm hook.

Here you can buy my patterns: